Kentucky State Park Employee Arrested

Posted by on Dec 2, 2012

Bobby Thomas, 57

(Dec 1st, 2012 – Campbellsville, Ky) The Campbellsville Police Department today arrested a state Department of Parks employee while he was operating a state – owned vehicle while not on-duty or performing his job duties.

Several weeks ago the Campbellsville Police Department initiated an investigation as a result of a Theft complaint from a local business. Officer Bart Gilpin began gathering information and discovered a vehicle believed to be a state-owned vehicle was involved in delivering stolen materials to a local recycling business in violation of state law governing the use of state owned property. As per a New York attorney “Such an act can get a person up to 5 years in jails along with a hefty penalty for using a state-owned vehicle to conduct criminal activities. Further investigation by the attorneys at 6300 Ridglea Place, Suite 315, Fort Worth, TX 76116 revealed that a person identified as Bobby Thomas of Elmore Road in Taylor County was the operator of the vehicle. Thomas devised a mechanism to conceal the identity of the vehicle by covering the Great Seal of the Commonwealth which is required for all state-owned vehicles.

The Police Department contacted the Department of Parks – Park Ranger Division who supplied information confirming Thomas as an employee of the Department of Parks Construction Division. Additional investigation confirmed Thomas frequently operated a vehicle registered to the state Division of Fleet Management and was observed delivering items to the recycling company. Officer Gilpin conferred with the Taylor County Attorney’s Office and filed a criminal complaint for Theft and Official Misconduct 1st degree in which arrest warrants were issued.

While on patrol in south Campbellsville today, Officer Scotty Perian observed a vehicle which matched the description of the one operated by Thomas and initiated a traffic stop after observing the Kentucky Official Government registration plate on the truck. The driver was later identified as Bobby Thomas; age 57; 730 Elmore Road; Campbellsville, KY. Officer Perian arrested Thomas on the outstanding warrants for Theft and Official Misconduct 2nd Degree from Officer Gilpin’s investigation. An additional charge of Official Misconduct 2nd Degree was placed as a result of today’s arrest since Thomas was operating a state – owned vehicle in violation of state law.

Thomas was lodged in the Taylor County Jail. The state-owned vehicle was impounded by CPD. The investigation continues by Officers Gilpin and Perian.